KATT PRODUCTIONS provides exceptional, entertaining music videos using Broadcast quality, 3-Chip Digital Cameras and Professional Emmy Winning Editing Programs. Production starts with raw footage, which is generally a straight shot of the Artist performing their song (lip-sync or live) at one location. Any footage shot by KATT PRODUCTIONS is stored in our archives and can be used on any of your video projects. After this, we can add CLIPS to your footage. A clip is basically an edit. The more clips, the more interesting your Music Video will be. My rate is $20 per clip. You can count the edits in a video and determine the price for that video. I developed the price per clip rate, so Musicians could budget for a project and know what it's going to cost before production ever starts. I did this because back in my early musician days I would go to a recording studio and pay the hourly rate and if things took a little longer, like they always do, I would panic and I felt it hurt the creativity.

Clip Charge: $20.00 per clip

Using new raw footage shot by us or stored in our archives or footage shot by you and stored in your archives.