Mark Gormley Little Wings

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Little wings, can you make the flight
The rain is getting heavy. There's a storm tonight
A summer drive home, the ocean close below
Will you make the morning light? Oh, little wings in flight

The path you weave, most certain to achieve
The everlasting will of little wings in flight
Do you feel weary? Time is marching slowly
Nothing matters more than little wings in flight

Do you think that you'll find your way
Little foolish wings tossed about in the wind of fate
Do you hope? Do you think you stand a chance
The wind is steering colder. The sea is growing bolder, little wings

Do you hear the water on the rock though
I do believe you can make it through
Oh, little wings. The spirit is you
All you need to do is fly away
Hey-ay, little wings, fly away

Little wings, can you feel the bite
The end's a little nearer, everything will be alright
Little wings, can you fly a little stronger
The shore can't be much farther. It won't be much longer, little wings

Little wings. Oh, good bye little wings
Your journey is over. Are you sleeping peacefully
Try, try again. Try again some other time
Everything remains except the sound of your little wings in flight
In flight
In flight

copyright 2009 Mark Gormley