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Nine Lives CD

A Music CD From Gulf Coast Singer/Songwriter Phil Thomas Katt

This CD contains 13 tracks of Original tunes that span a number of years. The Album divides the songs into Nine Lives and somewhat tells the stories of those eras. Many of the tracks were recorded years earlier in Nashville, Birmingham and Pensacola and released on 45RPM Records. I toured in support of the Singles to several cities and played Civic Centers, Saenger Theaters and Skating Rinks. I was also able to get some radio stations to add the tunes to their playlist back then as well. Then in the mid 1980's Kattline, my Answering Machine, began gaining a huge following, Radio Stations were calling the line, Newspapers were doing stories on the line, I even made an appearance on the local music TV show at that time. I decided then to record a few more songs so I could use all media attention to help promote the release of my first album. It worked well and sold great in the local record stores due entirely to KattLine Promotion. In fact back in 1986 it was the clicky thing among the young to have a copy of "Nine Lives".

Including These Original Songs:

Journey Through The Nite
Share Your Woman With Me
Look At Me
Teen Lover
You're The Kind Of Lady
Love You All Week
Blue Eyed Lovely Girl
What Went Wrong
Rockin' In My Chevy
Just Friends
(I'll Be Your) Boy And Man

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Nine Lives CD

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Journey Through The Night Phil Thomas Katt
Share Your Woman With Me Phil Thomas Katt
Look At Me Phil Thomas Katt
Tina Phil Thomas Katt
Teen Lover Phil Thomas Katt
You're The Kind Of Lady Phil Thomas Katt
Hypnotized Phil Thomas Katt
Love You All Week Phil Thomas Katt
Blue Eyed Lovely Girl Phil Thomas Katt
What Went Wrong Phil Thomas Katt
Rockin' In My Chevy Phil Thomas Katt
Just Friends Phil Thomas Katt
(I'll Be Your) Boy & Man Phil Thomas Katt

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